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ASMP Exclusive Curriculum

ASMP Core Copyright Curriculum

Your most important assets are your copyrights. But if you are like most creatives, you know the basics, but need to know how to translate that in to making your business more successful immediately. That’s why we’re here

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Copyright Essentials

Start here; Build your foundation

Copyright Registration

Your Step by Step Walkthrough

Advanced Copyright Topics

Take It to the next level

The DMCA & Your Business

Takedowns & Strategies

Copyright In Practice

Make Copyright fit your workflow

Formations & Foundations

Where to Start, What to Know

Contracts, Agreements & Licensing

Build your toolbox

The Cost of Doing Business

What it really takes to succeed

Putting it all Together

Make Copyright fit your workflow

ASMP Exclusive Curriculum


to the Profession

One question we get more than any other is “How do I start my photo/video business?” After more than 75 years of being at the forefront of providing this information to established and emerging visual creators, ASMP knows the answer and this Path gives the guidance.

This exclusive four-course curriculum is designed for the student, emerging pro, and established creative looking to take their business to the next level.